Documentation Introductory

The BitOutlook API is very simple once you understand how straightforward it really is. Parameters are used within all API endpoints and those parameters have variables. This documentation aims at helping you to understand what all the parameters are, their variables and the different endpoints that we can use.

JSON API – Today, Intraday, and Historical Data

This API is in JSON format and can be fetched using CURL. Data is updated once every five (5) minutes.

This should be the symbol of the coin or token you want to get data for. The symbol must be in all caps, (ex: coin=BTC& ). *Required

This needs to be the timeframe for when we are getting data for. There are 4 possible options:

  • minute
  • intraday
  • day
  • 2000

This tells the API what format you’d like to get the data in. Right now, we only support:

  • json


Rate Limiting

Rate limits help us to prevent floods and abuse of our API and data.

All JSON API’s impose a rate limit of 1x per every 30 seconds. Each JSON API is limited based on the {$TIME} and {$COIN} parameter (if applicable). We rate limit on an individual coin and time basis. We feel that these individual coin and timing limits will decrease issues getting data without easily exceeding the rate limit, in whole.

The RSS API does NOT impose a rate limit. However, abuse of the RSS feed will result in your server becoming banned. We recommend that you do not check the RSS feed more than 1x per minute.

API Messages

API messages will help you to understand different types of errors that may occur while using the BitOutlook API.

[602] Limited to 1x every 30 seconds. This error only occurs when you reach the rateLimit of our API. Please familiarize yourself with our Rate Limits.

[603] Required parameters invalid within api query string. This means that a VARIABLE within your API URL is not valid or recognized by our API.

[604] Required parameters missing from api query string. This means that one or all VARIABLE(s) within your API URL are required, but currently missing.